PRESS RELEASE - Peace Through Prosperity Launches 'Mini MBAs' for Entrepreneurs in Yemen


October 8, 2019 

Peace Through Prosperity, a UK non-government organisation (NGO), has launched life-changing ‘mini MBAs’ for start-ups in the war-torn region of Sanna in Yemen.

Meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development goals standard, their ‘mini-MBA’ and ‘Accelerate’ programmes for entrepreneurs aim to kick-start small businesses and reinvigorate this once-thriving community. 

With hands-on experience, the one-week course covers all the essentials in successful business leadership. This includes; the ethics of good business management, financial management, scalability and growth, as well as innovation techniques such as design thinking and enabling the micro-entrepreneur to improve their resilience by improving their business agility.  Candidates also benefit from ongoing mentorship with support from local grass-roots organisations in the area.

Since the programme launched in Yemen in June, the results have been promising. Of the 46 entrepreneurs that enrolled, 67 per cent have been female, of which the vast majority (80 per cent) experienced double-digit revenue and profitability in just two months.

Yusra Hussein, Program lead of Peace Through Prosperity’s Sanaa Chapter, said; “This is a great opportunity for female entrepreneurs in Sanaa. Not only to improve their capabilities but to also grow their businesses, create jobs and play their part in rebuilding our economy.”

“We’re just four months into the programme in Sanaa and demand keeps building every day, as more business professionals find out about the mini-MBA programme.”

Following the success of the pilot in Yemen, the programme is now rolled out long-term, with a batch of 20 entrepreneurs taking part in the programmes every month. The course is open to any adult; regardless of; gender, religion or age. Applicants should contact their local chapter at:

The mini-MBA programme was originally launched in Pakistan in 2012. To date, 875+ entrepreneurs have taken part. Mini-MBA participants experienced an average of 72 per cent growth in profitability over a six-month engagement period, which created 119 local jobs within marginalised communities alone.

The benefits of the programme have been socially transformative; from increased self-esteem to improved financial growth and employment. It has also contributed towards an improved understanding of the wider social community and improved intra-community empathy and cohesion.

Peace Through Prosperity’s mini-MBA and Accelerator programmes are open source and remain free to take part. The NGO encourages other NGOs to get in touch with them to explore the use of their programs in their own communities. The cost to the charity is $100 (USD), for each entrepreneur that enrols over a six-month period. Peace Through Prosperity welcomes any financial support through individual contributors or corporate sponsors.

Donations to Peace Through Prosperity can be made at, and sponsors can reach out directly here.

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Notes to Editors

·       Peace Through Prosperity is a UK based Non-Government Organisation (NGO), that is; inclusive, apolitical and non-religious. We create open-source programmes for entrepreneurs in marginalised communities around the world. Free to enrol, they offer accelerated growth, a foundation in business and practical training to empower themselves and the wider community. We have worked in conflict-affected communities in Pakistan and Yemen in semi-urban and rural settings since 2012. Our vision is to expand these into Bangladesh, Rwanda and Sudan in the coming year. The charity is mainly funded by co-founders Kubair and Sahar Shirazee, but welcomes donations from the public and corporate sponsors.

·       Peace Through Prosperity provide their open-source social transformation programs through local partner organisations and welcome local NGOs and social activists to get in touch with Peace Through Prosperity to explore how they can sign up and be trained to provide the mini-MBA and Accelerator programmes in their local communities.


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