Lead Trainer Babar Waseem Views on Mini MBA Training

Lead trainer-Baber Waseem Qureshi from Peace Through prosperity sharing some experiences during the training classes of micro entrepreneurs that is worth reading.Peace Through Prosperity aims to eliminate poverty and enhance self dependence by providing street hawkers with training, a five day training session named as Mini-MBA followed by coaching and consulting. This course includes all basic and important tools and techniques that are necessary for running a business successfully. I am member of this great cause from 4 years.I, being lead trainer had a chance to meet many micro entrepreneurs and read their minds. I got many colorful experiences during classes. Reading different thoughts and engaging those different minds to one thought was though tough but I took it as a challenge and did it.Equipping micro entrepreneurs with knowledge of business means to tell them some of the things that basically they know before but they do not give them importance and some of the tools that they do not know and are new for them. To convince them towards the vital role of such business tools was quite a difficult task.When these street hawkers take 2 to 3 hours out of their business hours for Mini-MBA class, this means they are putting trust and responsibility on you that these hours of their business will not get wasted.Sharing of views of street hawkers during the class was a very noticeable and appreciable thing. When people come and talk to you about their problems, you start feeling a part of them. This link that the sharing creates let us know that we have a duty towards the society to contribute positively. As it is said wisely that “If you are not a part of solution then you are a part of problem”Nothing can hold me back from sharing this that I have learnt many things from the micro entrepreneurs too. Their living, patience, poverty and so makes a person think that how am I contributing towards the society when I am in a position? But my cautious is clear this way.