Mini MBA Training Blog

My name is Abdul Rasheed and I attended Mini MBA training program as a Project Manager and in some classes I also provide training as a trainer, according to previous year there is more interest in beneficiaries and response from beneficiaries are more than as expected and after training they appreciate us with their positive response in their business. In first 2 days of classes there are only with data beneficiaries but on 3rd day there are some unknown small entrepreneurs whose data are not collected but showed their interest in the classes and invest their important time in getting training if we compare from previous year there is much more attraction in beneficiaries, during training their questions showing us their interest in training and they also gave their ideas what they think about their business. This year we have given training in 12 areas of Karachi in which political persons and social workers cooperation is unforgettable. In this 5 days of training Babar Waseem and Abdul Rasheed teach beneficiaries different way of saving, in regular 2 hours of class we have given different types of training with our manual through which small entrepreneurs get so much benefits, in the last day of training political and social worker of area attended the class they said, Peace Through Prosperity is doing very good work in Karachi they never seen this type of idea and never seen this type of training before, they more said if only 2000 more people get this training we can easily see big change in Karachi, They requested us to do more this type classes in their area for the happiness of people. At the end of training Peace through Prosperity also distributes gifts among their beneficiaries.