Field Operator Mashkoor Experience in Mini MBA Training

My name is Mashkoor and I am part of Peace through Prosperity and serving as a Team Supervisor for about 2.5 years. In this Project we have given training over all in 11 areas of Karachi in which 4 areas are in my control which are Hijrat Colony, Masan, Sultanabad, & Raitti Line over all response in my areas are good but specially beneficiaries of Masan are overwhelming I observed that most of the beneficiaries have spirit to learn something, but their way to communicate with their customers are not so good they don’t clean their area where they are doing business due to which many people avoid them but after day 3 of training they improved their selves and clean their area and improve their personality because of which they thank us in between the training and also for me Mini MBA is a good opportunity to explore new areas and meet different people this was my whole experience in Mini MBA.