Field Manager Nasir Shah Experience in Mini MBA Training

My name is Nasir Shah and I am part of Peace through Prosperity and serving as a Team Leader for about 2.5 years. In this 2016 Project we have given training in 11 areas of Karachi, In this training session I got opportunity to learn and explore different experience. In this Mini MBA training I realized that small entrepreneurs of Karachi are working hardly but they don’t have some knowledge about the basic tools of business and the ways they communicate with their customers are very harsh, After Mini MBA classes when beneficiaries appreciate us about the training by complaining that It could have more better if they got this training much before. After attending Mini MBA classes we realized about the basic knowledge of our business, they said now we will put all the effort to become good entrepreneurs. I got so much motivated after hearing this commitment from them. PTP team makes sure them that they are not going to stop their mission until the poverty completely ends in the whole world.