Working for Progress at Peace Through Prosperity - a team members perspective

Ammad PTPHi Everyone! My name is Ammad Aslam. I am 19 years old and joined Peace Through Prosperity in May 2014 and serve as a social media Editor and promoter and software manager when i join Peace Through Prosperity its Facebook page was at 800 something likes but now its on 2500+ I know that's not a big amount but now a days people don't want any type of organisation's post on their feed they want something interesting in their news feed bringing them to like this type of page is a big deal.But nowadays I have also started working in the field as a field resource person that is very interesting and a steep learning curve for me. I love to travel and explore places and working as a field resource in this age with study is pretty hard but thrilling too with Peace Through Prosperity team i am exploring different places of Karachi which i have never seen before.The aim and objective of Peace Through Prosperity is to remove poverty, make poor working people financially independent, make our society stronger and more equal for all which sounds good but hard to achieve as well because people of Pakistan is not well educated and don't have education to do their stuff but they are very hard working. Our mission is to provide them basic education of their work for which we introduced them with a course name as Mini MBA.The Basic purpose of Mini MBA is to provide education on how you can save money from your small business and you have complete record of what you buy in what cost you and in what cost you sell it and how much money you earn from it. From this education we educate them not to overspend or waste their money.I am going to be sharing my views with everyone on this blog from now on, thank you for reading.