2015 a brief recap of transformation delivered

2015 has been an epic year for 7 communities and 1498 individuals for who Peace Through Prosperity delivered tangible economic and social transformation.PTP Transformation Ladder 2015 

  • Double digit revenue and profitability growth for the participants enterprise
  • Employment: (created 15 new jobs)
  • Financial independence for 76% of beneficiaries
  • Inclusion of participant’s children in mainstream education Social mobility
  • Self-esteem and sense of ‘right’ amongst participants
  • Improved understanding of and appreciation civic rights and duty
  • Gave the participants a digital footprint
  • Sense of belonging: membership of (Street Merchants Association of Pakistan: Street-MAP)

Street Merchants Revenue Profit June 2014 to Feb 2015 

Reflecting on Peace Through Prosperity's work to date | Agile designed social transformation from Peace Through Prosperity on Vimeo.

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