Jameel Ahmed a Barber in Chakra Goth - financially independent and upwardly mobile

Jameel Ahmed is a barber in Chakra Goth, Karachi. Jameel says that after PTP’s min-MBA and consulting program , his perception about his business has changed for the better. Before engaging with the PTP team Jameel saw little potential in his micro-enterprise; at best making ends meet, providing for daily profits of PKR 200-250 ($2 to $2.50),  post engagement  daily profits have increased to PKR 250-400 ($2.50 to $4). This increase in profits has ensured that Jameel is no longer compelled to take frequent small loans from extended family, friends and/or loan sharks. His economic success has also reflected positively on his household, Jameel has taken his children out of a sub-standard government school and enrolled them in a private school. With PTP’s assistance, Jameel is working towards further expanding his business, with the aim of owning a bigger barber shop; Jameel is also planning to increase capacity at his current shop by installing a second barber chair and taking on an apprentice; creating employment in his community. 

For Jamee Ahmed and his family Peace Through Prosperity has demonstrably delivered:
  • Double digit revenue and profitability growth for the participants enterprise
  • Financial independence and awareness
  • Inclusion of participant's children in mainstream education
  • Social mobility
  • Self-esteem and sense of ‘right’ amongst participants
  • Improved understanding of and appreciation civic rights and duty

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