7 communities, 1498 individuals impacted - Economic and Social transformation delivered

PTP-MBA-Participant-Collage-2015-001Between May 2014 and February 2015 we ran our mini-MBA and consulting program for 214 street merchants plying their trade in seven marginalised and at 'risk' neighbourhoods of Karachi;

  • Bilal Colony
  • Sultanabad
  • Hijrat Colony
  • Qayyumabad
  • Chakra Goth
  • Bangali Para
  • Korangi no.2

We engaged with six different street based trades, namely; barbers, cobblers, snack vendors, juice vendors, fruit and vegetable vendors.Over a ten month period Peace Through Prosperity has demonstrably delivered:

  • Double digit revenue and profitability growth for the participants enterprise
  • Employment: (created 15 new jobs)
  • Financial independence for 76% of beneficiaries
  • Inclusion of participant's children in mainstream education
  • Social mobility
  • Self-esteem and sense of ‘right’ amongst participants
  • Improved understanding of and appreciation civic rights and duty
  • Gave the participants a digital footprint
  • Sense of belonging: membership of (Street Merchants Association of Pakistan: Street-MAP)

Beyond the 214 direct beneficiaries our programs benefited a further 1498 individuals in-directly and has transformed 214 households materially and psychologically.Street Merchants Revenue Profit June 2014 to Feb 2015

 Summary Financial Results for 214 participants (Karachi (July 2014 to Feb 2015)

Peace Through Prosperity set out with the hypothesis - prosperity and financial independence reduces the risk of radicalisation of individuals in marginalised and at 'risk' communities. We innovated; design, delivered and improved our programs on Agile principles, from Hot Housing, Kanban and Scrum we adopted what added value. We set out to creating catalysts within the communities, so we hired, trained and empowered individuals from within the communities we engaged with as our field consultants.The results, quantifiable impact and testimonials have validated our approach, 214 individuals and their families have been empowered to build a better future for themselves and their community, we delivered socio-economic transformation.We now need support to extend this further in Karachi, Pakistan and to export it in other parts of the world to at 'risk' communities, to win hearts and minds and transform worldview. Help us course correct another marginalised micro-entrepreneur’s livelihood and future prospects, get in touch.