Rendezvous with Abdul Sattar Edhi - Learning from a living legend

Peace Through Prosperity 's team benefiting from the icon of Pakistan - Abdul Sattar EdhiOne fine day we were just discussing work in our office and the conversation flowed towards Abdul Sattar Edhi. We started talking about his work, his passion to serve humanity and the relentless hard work he and his team puts in changing the face of social welfare across the globe and pioneering it in Pakistan. It was then we arrange a meeting with Abdul Sattar Edhi and share our project vision with him and gain some feedback and knowledge that Mr Edhi would share. It was neither planned nor was absolutely pertinent to our work yet we just could not hold back the idea of meeting Abdul Sattar Edhi sahab.We called his office and got an appointment for the next morning. We were elated. After all, we were to meet THE man himself and we would tell him about Peace Through Prosperity. We were not sure how he would react; will he be happy to know about the kind of work we are doing or would just not care much since we are sure he must meet a lot of NGOs on a daily basis. Yet, we were excited.The next morning we were at Bilquis Edhi Home where we saw a couple of women sitting in front of an old man We asked one of the women where we can find Edhi sahib since we have an appointment with him and the humble lady asked us, “Don’t you recognize him?” It was then that the old man smiled and said, “Meri topi le ke aao”. The man was indeed, Abdul Sattar Edhi. We felt a little embarrassed but his warmth soon let us forget all our inhibitions and open up to him.At Peace Through Prosperity we believe in bringing peace in across the world through prosperity. Of course we are not as big as Edhi Foundation but we are following his footsteps and want to bring such a positive change in society that can go miles and miles for our country.You can check out our work in detail on our or watch our success stories on to be more up close with our cause.Edhi is an institution in himself but when we met him we found no thread of arrogance in him. He was compassionate, simple and extremely down to earth. We want to emulate that stature.Edhi sahab encouraging PTP, "Aisa pehle kabhi Pakistan main kisi ne nahi kia"When we shared our work and experiences with him, he got delighted. He said, “No one in Pakistan has ever done something like this before.” He endorsed that the idea of working with micro entrepreneurs like vegetable/fruit sellers, street hawkers, cobblers, barbers and the likes is unique and should have been given importance years ago. Yet it is not too late and we can still work on to improve the lives of this community. His appreciation and encouragement meant the world to us. Our morale just went up high and we knew we are on the right track.Edhi sahib told us that the path we chosen is not easy and we will face a lot of problems as we progress but we must not give up our cause and keep fighting for it. The more you grow the more problems you will face. He also said that the day you start having enemies who constantly create hurdles in your way, just be sure that you are getting successful in your mission. It gives us immense pleasure to know that he backs Peace Through Prosperity and stands by us in our pursuit of alleviating poverty by empowering the daily wages workers.Just as our name suggests, we aim to spread peace and happiness, and since we are working with the lower working class we aim to teach them the basics to ensure harmony. For starters, we emphasize on controlling your tongue and being polite to everyone. If a customer has some issues, you have to bear with it. After all, he gives you business. Besides, if you reply to harsh comments in the same manner then it will just continue to get worse. You should learn to ignore negativity. After a while, the other person will stop fighting will you and will be civil to you. This is the simplest way to ensure peace in your environment.To get constant updates about our work, you an follow us on or Like us on where we keep adding pictures and our projects. You can also be a part of our Peace Through Prosperity family by either being our peace Ambassador or helping in any other possible manner; click on to get a detailed idea of your involvement in Peace Through prosperity.We might be working in a slightly different field but our ideology is exactly in sync with Edhi sahab's vision and mission; taking peace to each and every corner of the country without harming any individual or organization in the process. Just interacting with him has given us new direction and meaning. We are now more confident of our motto and are sure that our organization will benefit the working class of our country at large bringing a positive change in society… very soon.