Day 5 of the mini-MBA program in Haripur, KPK (Cohort 1)

Cohort 1's mini MBA program concluded yesterday and the experience for the street cobblers and ourselves has been epic to put it mildly![slideshow_deploy id='566']Day 5 was about bringing it all together as well as handing out stools for the street cobblers to use for themselves and their clients and some basic SWAG we have put together for them.MBA-Cohort-1-group_photoSuper proud of the awesome dedication and hard work of Team PTP, the dedication, belief and leap of faith of the Entrepreneurs of Circumstance... the street cobblers and the Awesome support of our friends / supporters. Thank you everyone, we are responsible for changing the life trajectory of 40 Entrepreneurs of Circumstance! chew on it! its soul food.Cohort 2 kicks off on Monday the 16th.Peace Through Prosperity’s methodology, process of engagement, in-class and on-site coaching works. We need YOUR help to raise funds to extend this program to many more street cobblers and other street based vocations in Pakistan and beyond.To help us help the entrepreneur of circumstance please visit our website or get in touch with us to donate via a bank transfer.