Feature in Cutting Edge - UK's trade magazine for Today's Shoe Repairer

Undeniably a giant leap for Peace Through Prosperity's Street Cobbler project!Cutting Edge trade magazine for UK Shoe Repairer - Featuring Peace Through ProsperityThe pulse here at Peace Through Prosperity has been racing for the past fortnight! after months of delays and budgetary constraints we kicked off the Haripur project last week, We lit the beacons of Gondor and Éowyn came with her cavalry to aid! and to top it off this morning we got the recent issue of the Cutting Edge magazine in the post with a feature on the street cobbler project!The feature is a huge milestone for our street cobbler project for it connects us, our work and the street cobblers in conflict affected areas that we are working in with the UK trade community. It is a small footbridge between a community separated by continents and circumstances.It is our hope that shoe repair professionals from the UK will engage with us and support us in delivering life changing training, skills and tools to the street cobblers in the geographies we are working in.Cutting Edge trade magazine for UK Shoe Repairer - Featuring Peace Through ProsperityWe need YOUR continued support to raise funds, learn about new tools and skills that we can transfer to improve and secure the livelihood of street cobblers and to extend this program to many more street cobblers and other street based vocations in Pakistan and other conflicted affected communities across the third rock.To help us help the entrepreneur of circumstance please visit our website or get in touch with us to donate via a bank transfer.