Project Haripur is off the ground and we are running on fumes… Urgent help needed

MBA on-boarding Pack_2After months of knocking on doors for funding and only a few awesome folks coming forth we decided to kick off Haripur on fumes, we have started our work, we are building on the successes of our previous projects, we are doing good and we shall make a difference to the livelihood and world view of entrepreneurs of choice in Haripur in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.There will be weekly updates on the project log on this blog, this week we got mobilisation under way, our first cohort of 30 street cobblers will be completed tomorrow (Friday), and their mini-MBA starts from Monday the 2nd. We are mobilising street cobblers from our survey of 100 street cobblers in the Haripur district carried out in the summer of 2012 - so we have a benchmark to measure their progress or lack of.MBA on-boarding Pack 3In Haripur we are engaging the street cobblers with a welcome pack that includes: a sales ledger in Urdu, the PTP business growth manual in Urdu, and some basic tools and supplies. This is alongside of the banner and stools as an initial buy in for their on-boarding/induction process.On fumes we have started the fire to light the way for the entrepreneurs of choice in Haripur! now we need your help for our fumes are running out fast!Our budget for Haripur is US $4,095- of which we have quarter of the budget and are burning through it fast and need another $2,941 asap. You can donate online from our website or if you prefer via bank transfer in Pakistan or in the United Kingdom (for bank transfer details please get in touch over Twitter or email (info @ BringPTP [dot] Com).next destination from Peace Through Prosperity on Vimeo.