Testing the waters with the big boys

To expand our reach, one that will have a sizeable impact on the socio-economic circumstances of the marginalised entrepreneurs of choice, Peace Through Prosperity has been in discussions with the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Foundation (PPAF) for the past six odd months… since the get-go we have been great fans of the leadership at PPAF and are sure they hold us in similar regard.. we are pretty awesome too!This is an exciting and awesome opportunity for us to work with PPAF and one of their POs to expand our reach and take our message and process beyond our reach.Following a good few months of discovery and exploration the good folks at PPAF put us touch with Mojaz Foundation, a PPAF partner organisation working on livelihoods protection and enhancement programs.Khussa_ShoesOur colleague Babar visited one of Mojaz's projects in Muzaffargarh district in Southern Punjab to meet the local team and the potential target audience we would be taking through our mini-MBA program. Babar along with Mojaz's livelihood Coordinator and Project Assistant visited Kacha Lodhran 70km from Muzaffargarh.IMG_20130816_115437Babar was introduced to 22 female artisans and 15 male artisans who craft the upper portion of Khussa shoes.The current business model being followed by these independent artisans is skewed in our opinion… they craft the upper part of a khussa for a local buyer who pays them PKR 120/pair (£0.80/pair), and it takes a skilled artisan 1-3 days to complete a pair depending on the complexity of the design, on average an artisan completes 25-30 quality pairs/month. In turn a quality khussa retails between PKR 750/pair to PKR 1000/pair from this region in the urban centres. on Average an artisan earns £21.6 /month or £0.72/day. We believe with our tailored advise, skills and mentoring package we can replicate the success seen by the street cobblers.This engagement has its unique challenges, Khussa's are a commoditised craft, we think the artisans have two choices, either find IMG_20130816_114523tools to increase the volume of khussas they can produce in a month or find access to a market that is willing to pay them a premium price for their goods… we are exploring how to adapt our mini-MBA program for this audience. If you have any ideas we would love to hear from you, email us your ideas on info@bringptp.com quoting 'Khussa Artisan mini-MBA'