Impact of the wrong kind of government interventions

Back in June 2013 we reported on the issues being faced by street based entrepreneurs of circumstance in Islamabad because of ill conceived local government initiatives aimed at presenting a better capital city!  the entrepreneurs of circumstance and those involved in working with them like Peace Through Prosperity remain powerless.This post  is a report by one of our colleague's on the impact of the capital development authority's clean and green Islamabad, looking at one case in particular - that of a street cobbler named Zia-ur-Rahman who had seen his revenue grow by 200% post mini-MBA... but now Zia-ur-Rahman has taken flight to avoid predatory employees of the CDA. Impact of the wrong kind of government interventions from Peace Through Prosperity on Vimeo.You can help us if you have influence with the CDA, if you do please get in touch the entrepreneurs of circumstance can use all the help we can get to them.