Impact of our mini-MBA program on Livelihoods – Ihsan Ullah

Ihsan Ullah is a Second year high school student by day and a street cobbler after classes through to late at night, one of the few street cobblers whose pavement shop remains open until very late at night. Ihsan Ullah is a delight to talk to, you can view his post training video below and see for yourself how well Ihsan Ullah has engaged with the program. Having reaped the benefits of the mini-MBA program Ihsan Ullah is assisting Peace Through Prosperity in mobilising other street cobblers.Ihsan_Ullah_mini-MBA_1Street Cobbler: Ihsan UllahAge: 19 yearsLevel of Education: Intermediate (2nd Year)Marital Status: SingleNumber of Dependents: 4 (parents, 2 x sisters)Primary bread winner: noCohort Number: 3Location: G-11 Markaz, Islamabad, PakistanRevenue and Profitability Growth Data for Ihsan UllahIhsan Ullah has improved his enterprise significantly, from earning $6/day he has gone up to earning $9.95/day - and has increased his profit margin by 134% over the four months of being engaged with the Peace Through Prosperity's mini-MBA program.Revenue and Profitability Growth for Ihsan UllahFeedback from Ihsan Ullah; a street cobbler who has been through the PTP business growth program from Peace Through Prosperity on Vimeo.Peace Through Prosperity’s methodology, process of engagement, in-class and on-site coaching works. The results are repeatable and in front of you. We need YOUR help to raise funds to extend this program to many more street cobblers and other street based vocations in Pakistan and beyond.To help us help the entrepreneur of circumstance please visit our website or get in touch with us to donate via a bank transfer.