Inspiring Street Cobblers - guest speaker series

MBA programs invite guest speakers to inspire their students and for them to have the opportunity to interact with individuals practicing the art in the real world, PTP's mini-MBA program does the same for their street cobblers, well we decided to from the March 2013 cohort.PTP's first guest speaker was Kubair Shirazee, a serial tech entrepreneur, social activist and co-founder of PTP. We did not quite know how such an experiment would go down so we played it safe with our first speaker, plus there are not many takers amongst the local entrepreneurs in Islamabad who are willing to take time out from their super busy schedules that too in the evening to share their tales from the trenches with street cobblers. Yes we are rubbing it in, and those of you who do make time to share your knowledge with entrepreneurs at the sharp end we will big you up to no end.... until then tsk tsk tsk.

Inspiring Street Cobblers - Guest Speaker Series from Peace Through Prosperity on Vimeo.

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