Delivering the Business Growth Program for Street Cobblers - Day 1 Training

We are complicated creatures and have a tendency to complicate the most simple of tasks, don't believe me... take a closer look at the Belgian bureaucracy!When we at team PTP tell folks about our mini-MBA program for street cobblers the vast majority's reaction is wow... followed by how!? So we thought we'd start putting up our training vids that we use for our internal program delivery improvements, but spare you the 2 hour of each session. A glimpse in to the delivery of the business growth program.

Insight into our Business Growth Program - Training: day 1 from Peace Through Prosperity on Vimeo.To view more of our training videos please visit our Vimeo channel.Thank you Nazish, Babar, Babar and Asad from team PTP. What incredible work.@BringPTP #Entrepreneurship #Founders #Peace #Hope #EconomicDevelopment #SocialGood