Letting Change speak for its self

It has been over a month since our second cohort went back to their businesses having completed the PTP street cobbler business growth program and though the quantitative results are being compiled for our report due at the end of the month, there is feedback that we think needs to get out there now!This is the video interview feedback of some of the street cobblers, there is much more to follow but we could only get a few interviews edited and out with our limited resources.Without any more verbosity, we will let the change we are an agent of speak for it self.Change speaks for itself from Peace Through Prosperity on Vimeo.Please remember we need your help to help these mighty entrepreneurs on the very sharp end. This is help and assistance in all forms, from financial donations to donating some of your time to write on our blog, some of your social media engines time to promote us to bringing our work to the attention of others. We are and always will remain grateful for all your help and assistance, thank you and OoooRah!