Business Growth Manual for Street Cobblers - The field test log

Day 1:Date: 3rd September 2012Time: 18:00 to 20:00.pmAttendance: 3/4Day one was an introductory session and of our four selected street cobblers three attended: Khan Wada, Walayat Khan and Lal Badshah whilstTaj Wali did not attend.Needless to say the participants were somewhat confused on day one as they had never been approached by any one before for any sort of training let alone one focusing on business growth.The session started with a detailed introduction of the participants, followed by that of team PTP and PTP's mission.Team PTP felt a level of natural distrust amongst the participants towards the aims and objectives of the workshop and the organisation, the question of allegiance, sponsorship and motives for PTP to be doing this came up quite a few times.Later the cobblers were taught how to plan their enterprises and why business planning was necessary for any organisation regardless of size or stature for growth.Participant feedback:By the end of the session the cobblers felt comfortable and opened up. All their queries and reservations regarding the workshop and PTP as an organisation were answered to their satisfaction.Day 2:Date: 4th September 2012Time: 6.00 p.m to 8.00 p.mAttendance: 3/4The second session was attended by Khan Wada, Lal Badshah, Taj Wali. Walayat Khan did not attend the session.A change in workshop timings was proposed by the participants and with mutual consent the start time of the session was changed from 18:00 to 19:00.The previous session’s discussion was continued on the second day, Taj Wali's reservations and his question's on PTP's motives were answered by the other street cobblers who attended the first session. Team PTP was pleased to see a sense of ownership being developed amongst the previous day's participants.Business planning was further elaborated. A personalised plan for each cobbler was prepared for the month of September. All the participants agreed to follow the plan.Participant feedback:By the end of the second session a higher level of interest has developed among the participants and they were curious about the next session, the participants were as eager to see through the field test and the results it would yield for them.DAY 3:Date: 5th September 2012Time: 7.00 to 9.00 p.mAttendance: 4/4All four cobblers attended the session.Third day lecture topic was the Marketing. This was an interesting and curious topic for the participants, who were unfamiliar with the concept of marketing their services. They participation was active and intense! and the participants explored a number of different possible marketing strategies for their business. Team PTP facilitated the discussions planting ideas and guiding the discussion where need be.Response:After the completion of the third session the response and participation levels were noticeable. The participants realised how important this training is for them and the possibilities it would open up for them were now becoming apparent. They concurred that they lacked vision to grow their enterprises but this training was equipping them with useful knowledge to take back an implement from the next day.Day 4:Date: 6th September 2012Time: 7.00 to 9.00 p.mAttendance: 4/4All four cobblers attended the session.In this session the participants through discussion prepared a price list for their services. They also designed pamphlets and promotional banners to be displayed in front of their make shift shops. PTP has had these promotional banners and pamphlets printed for them.Response :On the fourth day their response was very positive. The participants said they felt that were lucky for having been selected for the training were learning essential skills and concepts and the most positive feedback was a request from all participants to increase the duration of the training workshops.Day 5:Date: 7th September 2012Time: 7.00p.m to 9.p.mAttendance: 4/4All four cobblers attended the session.Fifth session was about record keeping. The participants learnt how maintain their business records. They were also taught about basic book keeping concepts and maintaining financial records. Team PTP provided the participants with registers to maintain their cash books. These books will be helpful in assessing the results of the workshop by the end of the trial month as well.Response:A strong bond and a relationship of trust developed amongst the participants and team PTP. The participants expressed their willingness to participate in any future workshop held by PTP and suggested similar workshops be run for their peers. They also displayed a new sense of determination and energy to make a difference and work towards the growth of their business and betterment of the street cobbler community in general.