The Mochee Project (Street Cobbler Project)

Peace Through prosperity's flagship project is the ‘Mochee Project’; designed to reach out to and help the marginalized entrepreneur operating on the fringes of society as street cobblers.

The Mochee Project aims to provide street cobblers in Pakistan with skills and knowledge to enable them to grow their enterprises, creating wealth and opportunities to take on apprentices to enable other unskilled individuals to gain access to this profession. We plan to help the cobblers grow their businesses and to sustain this growth by taking on apprentices, which in turn will provide unemployed youths the opportunity to gain niche market skills.

The scope of the pilot project is to conduct a survey, analyse the data, devise a strategy, implement it and then to conduct an impact analysis. Based upon the results of the impact analysis PTP shall then expand into other towns and cities. We have concluded the survey stage of our pilot project in Chichawatni and Rawalpindi in Punjab and Haripur and Darra Adam Khel in KPK, and are now at the start of our implementation and impact analysis stage.

Our quantifiable deliverables include measurable economic growth of the cobblers involved in the project and the number of apprenticeships and/or jobs created in the niche sample, detailed socio-economic data on the cobblers in Pakistan, design, development and accreditation of a vocational qualification based on a structure similar to the NVQ for shoe repair craftsmen in England & Wales, obtaining recognition of the trade by municipal authorities and licensing their street/pavement based service points.

The larger picture is to learn from the pilot and take it national, bring prosperity to a marginalized community, enabling them to build a better future.

If our work makes sense to you then visit our website and see how you can get involved from a distance or hands on we welcome any and all the help we get.