Our approach is rooted in systems thinking, we take what we know and continue to learn about transforming complex systems (i.e. large enterprises) and cross pollinate it to transforming super complex systems (i.e. society).

Our story is…

As an organisation

We want to seed and nurture an agile mindset in people

So that society gets better at responding to complexity and change.

Our programmes leverage design thinking, core principles and values of agility to enable micro entrepreneurs to create value and solve problems, in any setting; their micro enterprise, home and/or community. This in our opinion better equips them to respond to change and complexity at multiple levels, an urgent need in current times of disruption.

We consider ourselves an innovation lab for low cost, immediate impact social transformation programs that once validated are open sourced for others to use in alleviating poverty and improving livelihood security.


Learn more about our approach in Pathway to Prosperity an article in the Cutter Business Technology Journal by Gabrielle Benefield, Kubair Shirazee on Using Mobius to Grow Micro-Entrepreneurship.

Posted April 22, 2019 in Business Agility & Software Engineering Excellence Cutter Business Technology Journal.

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