Peace Through Prosperity
Peace Through Prosperity
Peace Through Prosperity is an innovation lab for low cost, immediate impact social transformation programs that alleviate poverty and improve livelihood security.

Our Mission:

Social Transformation.

We improve the environment for peace building within marginalized and conflict affected communities by nurturing prosperity and alleviating poverty.

We empower micro-entrepreneurs to become better owner-managers of their business so that they can build a better future for themselves, their family and their community.



We leverage design thinking, core principles and values of agility to design low cost, immediate impact social transformation programs that once validated are open sourced for others to use in alleviating poverty and improving livelihood security.

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The impact our programmes have had include:

  • Double digit revenue and profitability growth

  • Financial inclusion and independence

  • Local employment through business growth

  • Social mobility

  • Inclusion of participant's children in mainstream education

  • Improved self-esteem and sense of ‘right’


entrepreneurs engaged

Our participants have on average benefited from 35% growth in revenue and 72% growth in profitability.



Indirect beneficiaries

Across 21 marginalised communities we are engaged in Pakistan and Yemen.



Jobs created

For individuals from within the communities we work in Pakistan and Yemen.


Our Programs



Takes place over four consecutive days, two hours each day in groups of no more than 25 per cohort. We engage with participants through pragmatic, interactive content and exercises to bring a number of tools and practices to life that enable them to be better owner managers of their business. Participants learn how to achieve faster, managed growth, improved revenue and profitability, greater clarity over their personal goals, drivers and greater confidence in the future. The mini-MBA empowers participants to build a valuable business that will be a vehicle for them to create their own narrative of social change. Creating robustness and resiliance.

Group workshops

An extension of the support we provide post mini-MBA, they are monthly gatherings of our participants across different cohorts. Their purpose is to create a community for our participants to leverage and engage with to sustain long term change. These worklshops have proven to be great for crowd sourcing support and been a valuable practise to create cross-community bridges amongst conflict affected groups of micro-entrepreneurs.

1:1 coaching

Post mini-MBA our focus is on creating sustainable change. In order to do so we support our participants for up to six months through one-one coaching, delivered both face to face and remotely where appropriate. The benefits our participants experience are improved critical-thinking skills, self-awareness and confidence in application of the knowledge and skills gained during the mini-MBA programme. Furthermore it empowers them with an enhanced approach to change management and provides support in tackling complex change issues they face on a day to day basis in their business and life; makes them robust individuals.


Our most recent experiment is Accelerate! it takes formal design thinking and agile training to tech and non-tech startups from marginalised communities. We deliver these workshops remotely providing start-up teams formal training in frameworks including Scrum, IDEO, DT framework as well as how to bring practices from multiple frameworks together using Mobius; a framework agnostic canvas.




Global Chapters

As of August 2019 we have chapters in Karachi, Pakistan and Sanaa, Yemen. We invite and encourage you to explore this approach with us.


Get Involved

We believe for social transformation to be effective it has to be ground up, lead by people and supported by people.. like you, me, us. Ours is an experiment in people lead ground up social transformation at scale. And we invite you to join us in this extraodrinary jounrey.

Volunteer opportunities

We invite you to join our remote coaching programme. If you’re willing to commit 2 hours a month to coach micro-entrepreneurs, one of our ace coaches will teach you how to coach and you’ll contribute directly to the development of micro-entrepreneurs in marginalised communities.

At the moment we are looking for volunteers with Arabic and Urdu language skills to coach our participants remotely over whatsApp.

Make a Donation

We do not rely on grants. Grants come with strings attached, and we are a bunch of pirates ardent on progressive social transformation that is good for all human kind! We are financed by our founders, a handful of their friends, our teams and we have one corporate sponsor in Dropsolid! It costs USD $100 to sustain our programmes for a single micro-entrepreneur over a 6 month period, and our monthly burn as of Aug 2019 is USD $3,500/month.